We have four levels of boarding available:

Full Care – Private Turn out

These horses have their own stall in the barn, but also have a private paddock with a run in shelter. Each horse spends ten to twelve hours outside, unless a medical necessity requires special care. The stalls are cleaned on a daily basis, and grain, hay and water are included in the standard fee. We will administer medications and supplements, but these must be provided by the owner. Veterinary and farrier services are, of course, additional.

Full Care – Semi-Private Turnout

These horses have the same amenities as those in the first group, but they are turned  out in a paddock with one or two companion horses.

Full Care – Group turn out

These horses have the same amenities as those in the first two groups, but they are turned out into a ten acre field with horses of the same sex.

Pasture Board

Some horses find full time turn out more to their liking, rather than spending part of the day in a stall. We have a four acre and a ten acre pasture available with shelter to allow the horses to get in out of the weather.


Many of the services BCXR offers require us to know your specific needs in order to quote a price.
Please call us at (903) 842-3909 for an estimate or more details, or email us by clicking here.